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"Everyone who remembers his own educational experience remembers teachers, not methods and techniques. The teacher is the kingpin of the educational situation."

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Every UltiTutor tutor graduated from a top university, has significant teaching and tutoring experience, and has recently scored in the top 1% on subject exams in the tests they teach. Once tutors meet these requirements, they must then undergo a rigorous interview process to prove their competence and skill as top-notch educators.



      Training Process


Candidates are trained to implement the UltiTutor curriculum in the most effective, interactive way possible. Each tutor must pass subject examination, master the material, technology, and operational procedures, as well as present a final mock lesson to the Instructional Team for review. We demand that our tutors be articulate and energetic in order to guarantee an engaging, productive lesson each and every time.



      Team Players


As part of the team, UltiTutor tutors continually collaborate with the Department of Instruction to ensure exceptional performance. UltiTutor directors meet with every tutor one-on-one, virtually sit in on lessons, and help tutors tailor our customized curricula to meet specific student needs. Ongoing support for tutors, along with further development of their skills and teaching methods, is essential to keeping our tutor team strong, all the while making certain that every UltiTutor student is learning to the highest possible standard.











Basic Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, 2, Pre-Calculus, IGCSE, IB SL/HL Math


Math tutors, IB Physics tutors in Shanghai, Shanghai physics tutors

Niko graduated from the University in Maribor, Slovenia – Europe (one of 20th the best University in Europe). His major was in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and he graduated with highest possible score. Niko has always been an active participant in mathematics, physics, and chess competitions (national championships); there he won several awards. Niko tutored throughout his academic career eventually starting his own small tutoring company. He was teaching Math, Physics, Electrical Engineering subjects and Chemistry. His strategy of tutoring is: connect theory and real life example together, so that students can easily understand the problem. Nicko is very popular and likable and is an International Tutor Association certified tutor.




Math tutors, Physics tutors in Shanghai, Shanghai physics tutors

Thomas is a tutor who has passion for education especially in Math. He cares about the feeling of students and tutors them according to their level. He has college-level knowledge in various Math topics, like calculus, statistics. He entered distinguished roll of AMC12 and got 130 out of 150 and he is confident that he can bring new perspective to students who are learning either IB HL or SL Math.


IB HL and IGCSE Math, Economics, US Math, SAT

Jewen has a bachelor's degree in Finance. She has plenty of experience tutoring foreign and local students IB and IGCSE courses as well as SAT test prep. All of Jewen previous students acheived high grades in their final exams, bulding a reputation of been a highly effective tutor. Jewen loves tutoring and establishing a long term friendship with all her students. Jewen is an International Tutor Association certified master tutor and is a certified Financial Risk Manager.



Cathy  graduated for Jiangnan university, majored in applied Chemistry. She is a very positive and fun person and loves to be around with kids. Cathy has 3 years of extensive tutoring experience. Students loves her because she is always able to motivate and encourage them with patience. She teaches the students by using a lot examples which help them to remember and grasp the knowledge quicker. Also, Cathy likes to show the students different ways to answer math questions, as it helps them to open their mind and improve their ability of logical thinking. A tutoring session with Cathy is always fun and exciting!


IB Math, IGCSE, Sciences

Math tutors, IB Physics tutors in Shanghai, Shanghai physics tutors

Lisa graduated in 2013 with a bachelor degree in optical information science and technology from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications. She is currently a graduate student in the optical information program in Beihang University. Her project aimed to improve the performance of THz modulator and extend the application fields of THz science and technology. During her first year of graduate student, she worked as a teaching assistant in the School of Instrumentation Science and Opto-electronics Engineering. Lisa is a trained and certified tutor.


Imola's major is in Economical Analysis at Corvinus University of Budapest. At high school graduation she acheived an incredible 99% for her mathematics final exam.

She was always an active participant in mathematics competitions coming first for the Arany Dániel National Mathematics Competition in 2007, runner up in the Slovakia International mathematics competetion is 2008 and won serveral medals in the Regional Mathematics Competetion in Hungary coming 1st, 2nd and 3rd over the years.

She already have three years of experience in tutoring Math from 10 to 18 years old students. Specially focused on the IB and U.S. curriculums.


Online Math

Shanghai Math and Science Tutors, Math and Science Tutors in Shanghai

Online Math

Math tutors, Physics tutors in Shanghai, Shanghai physics tutors

Shruti completed her engineering back in 2006 in the field of electronics and communication. Shruti possesses a keen interest in teaching and she has taught numerous primary school and Shanghai international school students in the past, especially in IB Mathematics. Shruti likes to teach students in a very practical approach. For example, a subject like mathematics cannot be understood without working hands-on on the problems. She understands that certain subjects need special methodologies to be understood and mere teaching notes are not sufficed. Adding to it, motivating the students during teaching is an important aspect of her teaching methodology. Student’s results in the subjects taught show her clear intent of taking the student to a next level of knowledge.


Luca Ratti

Online Tutor - Math

Shanghai biology tutors, Private biology tutors in Shanghai

Luca is a Power Engineer at Politecnico of Milan. He has been gaining a double degree at Tonji University too. He turned his studies towards the green energy field and the renewable energy sources, especially the photovoltaic systems. Luca is a trained and certified professional tutor.

He has experience in private tuitions since he was in high school, tutoring young kids to teenagers taking IB and AP exams. Luca is very enterprising and professional in his daily duty. The seriousness of his job is ensured, moreover he is extrovert and friendly, it will help the students to work and improve their own skills in a relaxed environment.


IB Math and SAT

Shanghai biology tutors, Private biology tutors in Shanghai

Yalin graduated with Bsc in Finance from SUFE. Yalin started her tutoring five years ago and has accumulated rich experience in IB and GCSE Math. She also has vast experience in tutoring SAT and SAT 2. Yalin is passionate about education and enjoys teaching for many reasons, but her favorite part about tutoring is really getting to know her students. She makes friends with her students, is very patient and is popular among the students. Yalin is a Purdue university trained and certifed tutor.


IGCSE and IB SL Math

Shanghai biology tutors, Private biology tutors in Shanghai

Praveen is from India. He has taught Maths at International Schools in China, Vietnam, and South Korea for the past 10 years. He has been able to motivate his students to “Be The Best They Can Be.” His own two children scored A* in the IGCSE exam. That motivated him to tutor other students to achieve A/A* in their exams. He assures you 100% satisfaction once committed to teach your child. 


  • Praveen is a passionate tutor and teaches IGCSE syllabus.

  • Your will see the improvement in your child’s math quiz scores at school and in the teacher’s comments in the report card.

  • Your son/daughter will tell you how confident he/she feels after a few lessons itself.

  • You will find a change in work habits of your child as Praveen gives them Home work regularly to check their progress.

  • He believes that your child can definitely improve with a little practice in maths.


IB, IGCSE Math, Physics

Victor is now a PhD candidate in University of Shanghai for Science and Technology (USST). Before that he got his bachelor degree and master degree also from USST and then worked as an R&D engineer in a medical device company. His research interest is developing innovative instrument for minimally invasive surgery, mainly on the mechanical design. He also has others hobbies, like running, travelling, reading etc. He took part in the marathon game in Shanghai every year since 2011. Victor is a trained and Purdue university certified IB math tutor.



Shanghai biology tutors, Private biology tutors in Shanghai

Yayun is currently a master student majoring in optic engineering in the Instrument Science and Optoelectronic Engineering of Beihang University. Yayun graduated from Shandong University of science and technology in 2013 where she majored in Measurement-Control Technology and Instrument Specialty. During the four years study in this school, every year she got the first level scholarship. The year she was admitted into Beihang university, her total score is the highest one among the students in her class.


IB and IGCSE Math

Shanghai biology tutors, Private biology tutors in Shanghai

Xin is a rising Junior in Washington University in St. Louis. Her major is Electrical Engineering. She has worked as a physics and math tutor in the college for two semesters. When she was in high school, she got full marks in SAT Math, Physics and Chemistry tests. Xin represented her university to attend the University Physics Competition last year. Besides teaching AP calculus and physics, Xin also got plenty of teaching experience in tutoring IB SL/HL physics and math.



IB Math SL

Shanghai biology tutors, Private biology tutors in Shanghai

Isaac graduated with Bachelor of Engineering with honors from Southwest Petroleum University. Currently he is a master’s candidate in Tongji University, majoring in the geotechnical engineering. His academic interests and research centered mainly on application of heuristic algorithms in the geotechnical hazard reduction. A diligent and eager student of mathematics and ideas, he also completed extensive coursework in the social science classes and language requirements. Furthermore he balanced his course load with British literature and mathematical modelling as well. While in college, he worked as a student assistant in the office of international affairs, helping foreign teachers with Chinese studying. This summer he spent a month volunteering in Bali, Indonesia, tutoring the local children with basic algebra. In conclusion, Isaac is passionate about education and sharing knowledge with people for many reasons, but his favorite part about tutoring is to obtain a different experience and help students with solving problems. 

SCIENCE: Biology, Chemistry and Physics

Mamta A.

Online Tutor - Biology and Chemistry

Math tutors, Physics tutors in Shanghai, Shanghai physics tutors

Mamta graduated with majors in chemistry from Mumbai University India followed by diploma in Finance. Mamta also have an MBA in Supply Chain Management from Wellingkars Institute of Research and Management Studies. In addition to this, she has 3 years of experience in the pharmaceuticals industry with a huge amout of practical experience in chemistry.


Mamta is a certified professional IB biology and chemistry tutor with great teaching skills and professional characteristic and loves teaching students.


Math, Chemistry, Biology, English

Math tutors, IB Physics tutors in Shanghai, Shanghai physics tutors

Lotte earned two master's degrees in pharmaceutical science at the Catholic University of Leuven. After graduating she worked in several community pharmacies as well as in the pharmaceutical industry and she has experience in pharmaceutical research.

Chemistry and biology are her fields of interest and she enjoys sharing her knowledge with students in an understandable and clear manner. She has pleanty of tutoring experience in US mathematics, IB/AP biology, IB/AP chemistry and is a certified professional tutor!



Chemistry and IB Math SL

Math tutors, IB Physics tutors in Shanghai, Shanghai physics tutors

Mira got her high school diploma from ELTE Radnoti Miklos Gyakorlo Altalanos Iskola es Gimnazium in Budapest, Hungary. Currently she is in her Sophomore year at New York University Shanghai. She is majoring in Chemistry, and her intended minor is Psychology. She has participated in several Mathematics and Chemistry competitions in her high school career, with great success. Her main research interest for the future is cancer-related drug research. She also spent a year in Aurora, Indiana as part of an exchange program, where she mastered English language at a level of proficiency. She has a great affinity for languages; she is fluent in Hungarian and English, able to communicate in German, has studied Latin and Italian, and currently taking Chinese classes at the university. Mira greatly enjoys teaching and helping others master the material at hand. She believes that the only way to fully learn something is if you are able to teach it.


IB Physics

Shanghai Math and Science Tutors, Math and Science Tutors in Shanghai

He Jiani (Claire) is an electronic engineering student in Shanghai Jiaotong University. She also minors at English translation and is fond of learning languages and cultures. Besides English, she has been learning German for two years and has passed TestDaF. Being a straight-A student in high school time, she got very high scores in physics in the college entrance examination (146 out of 150). Her unique understanding of physics also helps her master university physics - "He who studies on his own knows how to teach at best". With patience and vivid illustration, she would like to lead her students to marvel at physics and fall in love with it.


IB, IGCSE Math, Biology, Physics and Chemisty

Hang graduated from high school with flying colors: she was awarded the opportunity to go to Oxford for interviews, and was accepted to prestigious universities such as UCL, ICL. She is currently getting her BA in sciences at NYU Shanghai and her academic interests centers mainly around sciences. She is; however, interested in many other academic areas such as social sciences, computer science and law, and as an eager student of language and ideas, she is completing her intensive coursework exploring both sciences and social sciences. Besides learning new things, she loves participating in extracurricular activities, and is the leader of many clubs and organizations at her university. Hang is extremely passionate about tutoring, but her favorite part of all is getting to know new people, and helping them reach their desired goals.


AP, IB and IGCSE Chemistry, Math and Physics

Nick is a doctoral candidate at the Chinese Academy of Science, majoring in inorganic chemistry. He loves sharing the magic of science and real academic success with his students. He has helped many students to be admitted to their dream university. Nick is very approachable, patient and good at finding out and resolving their academic problems that confuses students. Nick is our senior tutor and is one of our tutors that holds the highest qualification in sciences.


IB, IGCSE, AP Math, Biology, Physics, Chemistry.

Lucky graduated with honors from the School of Biotechnology, Assumption University. She is doing her second degree in Chinese medicine at the moment. During her university years she has tutored several high school's students Math and Science subjects. From when she was young, she knew Science was her "thing" and loves teaching. Lucky believes that Science is the study of nature. It helps you understand your surrounding and explain the nature of matter in the universe. Science allows you to learn and explore new things, and the knowledge you receive from it is limitless and invaluable. Lucky is an Interntional Tutor Association and Academy At Home certified tutor. Lucky underwent subject testing at UltiTutor and passed with distinctions. Lucky has worked at UltiTutor for over 3 years and taught many international school students. She is currently our Master Tutor.


IB Math, Physics and Chemistry

Math tutors, IB Physics tutors in Shanghai, Shanghai physics tutors

Leonard graduated as a Mechanical and Automation Engineer and obtained high grades in during his school life. With more than 5 years tutoring experience, he is very confident in teaching Maths, Physics and Chemistry. He always has good communication and strong emotional resonance with the students and will find the best and right way for the students to make great progress. He looks forward to sharing his unique and effective learning methods with his students. Leonard is certified by the international tutor association and passed his IB math and science subject-testing with perfect scores!


IB Chemistry, Physics and Math

Math tutors, IB Physics tutors in Shanghai, Shanghai physics tutors
  • Ph.D. in material science and engineering.

  • Experienced in tutoring IB math/science and English.

  • Encouraging and target-oriented in life and work.



Ruqi acquired a Ph.D. degree at Iowa State University in 2014. His major was material science and engineering, which is a multi-disciplinary subject requiring a solid background in maths, physics and chemistry. He used to win golden place and bronze place in national Olympics chemistry contest and maths contest respectively at high school age. Ruqi is very capable of cracking the problems and finding the most efficient solution. Ruqi applies similar methodology in his tutoring to patiently help the students make up their weaknesses and solidify their strengths.


IB, IGCSE, A-Level Biology, Math. SAT and University Applications 

Math tutors, IB Physics tutors in Shanghai, Shanghai physics tutors

May recently graduated from University College London with a first class honour in an interdisciplinary degree combining Anthropology, Biology and Philosophy. Growing up as a third-culture kid, she empathizes how individualised education would hugely benefit international students and cultivate autonomy in learning. She believes that learning is liberating, and strives to deliver that vision to students across cultures. May has also studies psychology and music for 5+ years and worked for educational charities in London and Kenya. She has full proficiency in Mandarin, English

Language and Test Prep


SAT, SATII, English and History Tutor (AP, IB, IGCSE)

SAT tutors, IB Physics tutors in Shanghai, Shanghai SAT tutors, SAT shanghai, History tutor, IB history

Dan has worked extensively in both one-on-one and larger group classes teaching students the intricacies of the Critical Reading and Writing sections of the SAT to help students achieve their highest possible scores; he has similar experience with SAT II Subject Tests. Before focusing on preparing students for the SAT, Dan worked as an ESL teacher preparing students to study in Canada. Dan has an encyclopedic knowledge of history and loves to share it with anyone who will listen. He is greatly experienced in US, European, and world history with a teaching focus on the interrelationship of events and their broader significance.


IB, IGCSE Mandarin

Math tutors, IB Physics tutors in Shanghai, Shanghai physics tutors

Amanda's major is in English education at the northwest majority university. She won various academic recognitions during her university years and she holds several certifications of education, such as TEM-8, Chinese Mandarin ranking certification, and teacher certification. She's skilled in teaching students with her unique method. She loves sharing her teaching methods with others, studying with students, talking to them, finding problems areas and solving them. She has helped her foreign students pass their HSK exams. Amanda is certified by the International Tutor Asscociation and passed UltiTutor's certification programme.


English writing, application essay

Math tutors, IB Physics tutors in Shanghai, Shanghai physics tutors

Emma, originally from Vancouver, BC, graduated from UNC Chapel Hill with degrees in Art and Chinese. An avid reader, she enjoys all kinds of genres, from classic epics to modern coming-of-age tales. Since moving to Shanghai, she has accumulated six months' experience tutoring and editing student papers. She has been trained for over five years in creative writing and is always enthusiastic about giving feedback on students' grammar, syntax, and expression.



IB HL English, HL History and Biology SL

Math tutors, IB Physics tutors in Shanghai, Shanghai physics tutors

Erin is currently studying at the Shanghai branch of New York University. Her academic interests include history, biology and social science. She is an editor of the school's official magazine "On Century Avenue" and has supervised the publication of the print edition of the magazine. Erin is a trained and certified professional tutor.



Math tutors, IB Physics tutors in Shanghai, Shanghai physics tutors


After-school tutor of English Literature & Poetry, Economics, History, Politics, Business, and Creative Writing to international high school students at British International School Shanghai (Puxi) and Shanghai American School (Minhang) studying for their IGCSE, A- Level, SAT, IB, AP. All 6 of his students are bi-lingual, first language English, aged 13-18.


● Tutor of English as a Foreign Language (TEFL), Shanghai. Christopher teaches a range of ages (from 8-35) how to speak authentic British English. His youngest student, an 8 year Shanghainese boy named David, Christopher has tutored for 3 years. David recently enters English competitions in Shanghai, and always comes in the top 100 finalists.


● TEFL teacher, Santiago, Chile. When Christopher was 18 years old, he took a gap year between high school and university, teaching Chilean prep school students English in Santiago, Chile. Christopher was fluent in Spanish, lived with a Santiago family, and used his Spanish to communicate with 5-18 year olds.


● Christopher puts a strong emphasis on student creativity, always encouraging students to think for themselves, think about themselves, and how they can develop their own individual voice that expresses who they are as people, their interests and passions.


● He believes that a well-spoken, interested and interesting person is the most valuable talent a student can develop, allowing his students to enter the world with confidence. 

Business and Economics

Computer Science, Business Studies, English
Math tutors, IB Physics tutors in Shanghai, Shanghai physics tutors

BSC Honours Degree in Computing and Design for the World Wide Web, PGCE.  


Joanne Goran Mother of 4 children is a graduate of University of London BSC Honours Degree in Computing and Design for the World Wide Web, PGCE Postgraduate Certificate in Education in ICT St Mary's University College, London. Oracle instructor SQL, PL/SQL and Java Fundamental. Love Languages Fluent in English, Kurdish, Arabic and Greek Interests reading, running and cycling. Joanne is currently an international school teacher and a certifed tutor.


IB, AP Economics, Math SL
Math tutors, IB Physics tutors in Shanghai, Shanghai physics tutors

Mandy graduated with Master of Science in Management (Finance) from Durham University, UK. Her academic interest and research centered mainly on multinational finance and foreign currency. With the bachelor degree of economics, she shows deep understanding of international economy based on mathematical analysis. Mandy's experience of teaching in the school leads to good communication skills with students, making her passinate about education.


IGCSE, IB Economics and Business
Math tutors, IB Physics tutors in Shanghai, Shanghai physics tutors

Eddy is a current bachelor’s degree student in Donghua University who is studying International trade in English. He has a strong academic background in IGCSE & IB Diploma with great scores. He is also in the 4th year of his study here in Shanghai.


Personal Biography:

Aditya was born in Kathmandu, Nepal although at a very young age was sent to one of the finest boarding schools in India & Asia at that moment called Indus International School, Bangalore. He studied there from the age of 13 and started spending his time writing poems and playing in a hard rock band. He started various bands and was the front man for two years during the age of 15 & 16.

IB History SL and HL
Math tutors, IB Physics tutors in Shanghai, Shanghai physics tutors

-Current A.B. Humanities, Concentration in History student, New York University Shanghai

-Prospective Ph.D student in history

-Scored top marks in international history tests, like SAT World History and SAT US History

-One year of teaching experience in a public elementary school


Academic Biography:

Xavier is a current student of Humanities and History at New York University Shanghai, where he focuses on East Asian Cold War history. He hopes to move on to doctorate studies in the United States or the United Kingdom in the same field, and in line with this, has been doing research on British claims to islands in the South China Sea, and Chinese perceptions on the Bandung Conference of 1955.

Ceilia Wang
English, TOEFL, ACT
Math tutors, IB Physics tutors in Shanghai, Shanghai physics tutors

Cecilia graduated with master degree in communication and marketing from Emerson College in Boston, US. She got a TESOL certificate with the highest honor and she has rich experience in teaching students from different background. Currently she is focusing on teaching TOEFL and ACT reading, her strength is helping students to find the pattern of the tests.

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