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How to choose the right tutor!

Use this checklist when considering tutoring services for your child. There are several key points for parents to consider: customization, experience, certification, communication, convenience and progress. Your child's education is important, so take the time to ask plenty of questions before making a choice:

Is your child's tutor...

  • Highly trained, certified and qualified in all subjects?
  • A kind, caring educator dedicated to your child's success?
  • Backed with at least 100 hours of successful tutoring hours?

Does your child's tutor offer...

  • Flexible scheduling?
  • The convenience of in-home or online tutoring?
  • Formal progress reports at regular intervals to show progress?
  • Instructional videos for all math and science subject to suppliment their studies?
  • Past test and exam papers as well as examiner's reports to help with test and exam preparation?
  • A fun, warm and caring educational environment?
  • Proven strategies for learning?
  • Instruction personalized to your child's unique needs?
  • Flexible payment methods?


Can your child's tutor...

  • Provide a personalized assessment before beginning instruction?
  • Identify the exact skill gaps that need to be strengthened?
  • Keep your child motivated and engaged throughout the entire tutoring program?
  • Teach organization, time management, note- and test-taking?
  • Give your child confidence that goes beyond the classroom?
  • Guarantee your child's progress?
  • Only UltiTutor can answer "yes" to all of the above.
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