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Any individual private tutor or tutoring company can tell you how much "success" and "achievement" they have had with their students. Why should you take their word for it? Surely the most accurate and truthful reference should come from the student themselves. How many companies can give you references from just about any subjects?

UltiTutor can provide REAL references from our past and present clients that attend the same school, taking the same subject and in some cases, the same grade as your child! Don't take our word for it, ask for references and find out for yourself!


Background checks

A problem that accompanies an unregulated industry is lack of oversight. Some tutoring services conduct background checks on the tutors before they can work with students. But not all do, at least not thoroughly.

UltiTutor conduct Criminal Background Checks (CRB), obtain detailed background and personal information checks, as well as certifying our tutors before they are allowed to tutor. Your child safety is of our utmost concern and we have you covered.


Our rates reflects quality and value

Costs for tutoring can vary wildly, depending on whether your child gets private or group tutoring, and if he or she receives it in-home or at a center. Individual tutoring can cost anywhere from RMB500 to RMB800 an hour, and the higher-end of the price range is charged for test prep, including the SAT and ACT. Sometimes people think the more expensive the better, but you don't always get what you pay for. So how can you determine quality service? Word-of-mouth recommendations!

UltiTutor sells itself 100% through word-of-mouth marketing. Every day, new families contact us because our existing clients share their wonderful experiences with UltiTutor. The number of UltiTutor families grows quickly year after year. This is not the result of fancy ad campaigns; it's because of YOU, our amazing UltiTutor families.


Real measurable progress 

​If you are going to invest in tutoring for your child, you are likely to want some assurance that it will pay off academically. Some services offer guarantees and vague promises. UltiTutor don't make empty promises.

Progress is measured on many different fronts and is unique to each individual’s needs. Certainly, content is important and past gaps must be filled in, but correcting the underlying reasons behind WHY past gaps were formed is absolutely the major thrust of this tutoring program. In addition, UltiTutor keep in contact with parents every week through detailed written progress report after each session, so that everybody understands where the child is at and if they are moving forward. We will address the problem immediately should it arise and finding a solutions moving forward.


Tutor subject testing 

Do you REALLY know if your tutor is proficient in the subject that he/she is tutoring? Tutoring companies based their recruitment on degree and experience alone and tutors, individual or learning centers will never tell you that they need to revise their math while tutoring your kids. In addition, even a math major will not remember what math they did in their high school years!

UltiTutor conducts comprehensive subject testing before a tutor is allowed to tutor your kids. 70% of our application are rejected due to the lack of knowledge of the specific subject that they wish to tutor. Our tutor are master of their respective tutored subject and is skilled to be able to teach it! We test them so you don't have to!


Free assessments 

In most cases, a student's first day at a tutoring center will include assessment tests to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses. These typically cost RMB500 to RMB1500. We provide free assessments.

The UltiTutor Knowledge Assessment and consultation is absolutely free. The better your child connects with his or her tutor, the more motivated he or she will be during our program. Our tutors will also work directly with our students through tutoring to determine with their needs are on a continuous basis.


Quality and Difference

​UltiTutors is a unique 1-to-1 tutoring company in that we work for the client (not the tutor) which enables us to monitor the tuition quality to help ensure results are achieved. We are not an employment agency unlike other tutors in China which places tutors and moves on. Although our interview processes are detailed and rigorous, our tutors appreciate the support we provide, and many have been with us for many years.


Certified tutors  

NO private tutors or tutors from tutoring companies are certified. This means that they have not undergone a training and certification program that qualifies them to handle the demands and posses the necessary skills set to tutor your child. Most parents and tutoring company believe that a tutor with a outstanding qualification and plenty of experience equates to a great tutor. 

In the largest ever study commissioned by the UK government on teacher effectiveness, the authors concluded that biometric data (i.e. information about a teacher’s age and teaching experience, additional responsibilities, qualifications, career history and so on) did not allow us to predict their effectiveness as a teacher. Pupil progress outcomes are affected more by a teacher's skills and professional characteristics than by factors such as their sex, qualifications or experience.

The UltiTutor Training Guide is one of the most comprehensive, well-conceived and effective programs of its kind anywhere. Our goal is to help exceptional people with a natural ability and passion for teaching, to become excellent and professional tutors. 


One-to-one is best  

While group tutoring can allow for independent study time, and it can be cheaper individual attention outweigh economic factors, and your kid may not get his fair share of help or may just waste time listening to a tutor explain things she has already mastered according to SmartMoney, online advice website.

Meanwhile, one-on-one tutoring is more effective than group work because there is more prescriptive learning because that tutor understands what the student is struggling with and they can focus on the weak areas, says National Tutor Association's Giese. In comparison, a student in a group setting may sit through an hour of material he knows while the subject area he's not too familiar with is covered for a few minutes.

UltiTutor specializes only in one-to-one tutoring where our tutors gives your child 100% dedicated attention.


Session-by-session progress 

Whether it's at school or in a private tutoring setting, daily or session-by-session detailed progress report is unheard of anywhere.

UltiTutor will provide you and your child with detailed progress report after EVERY SESSION! Why wait till the end of the term to find out how and what your child is doing in their academics? UltiTutor keeps you and your child up-to-date and if their is an area of concern we deal with it immediately! Another way that makes UltiTutor simply better! 



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