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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? You can find answers below to the most frequently asked questions from parents and students. If you have additional questions, feel free to contact us.


What is the cost of tutoring from UltiTutor?

Program pricing will vary because we customize our instruction to meet the specific needs of your child, as well the academic goals you set for your family. The components that make up the total cost of an in-home or online tutoring program include: program length, tutoring subjects level, hourly instruction cost, student's home location and the payment schedule that best fits your family's needs. Contact UltiTutor to get the most specific information about pricing and payment options.


Does UltiTutor have any special offers for new customers?

Yes, new customers can save 50% right now on the first class. Simply click here to provide your contact information and receive a coupon for 50% off your child's first personal tutoring class.​


What subjects does UltiTutor offer?


UltiTutor offer subjects from pre-K through 12th grade. For more details on subjects tutored, please check out Subjects Tutored.


What kind of training do our tutors have?

UltiTutor tutors are trained and certified in UltiTutor instructional techniques and posses professional characteristic for effective teaching. All tutors must undergo a comprehensive interview, a rigorous testing process which includes testing in subject areas, completion of reviewed mock tutoring sessions, certification and verification of credentials and background. Everyone at UltiTutor shares a love for teaching, a commitment to children and a desire to help them succeed - in school and in life. Seeing your child do his or her best is as rewarding to our staff as it is to you and your family.


Can UltiTutor give my child the individual attention he or she needs?

UltiTutor's distinct advantage is the customized and individualized instruction your child receives from our tutors. At UltiTutor, tutors work with your child one-on-one. This type of personalized interaction ensures that your child will have his or her questions and needs addressed quickly. At UltiTutor, there is no danger of being "left behind," as might occur in a larger group setting.


Do UltiTutor work with my child's teacher or school?

Definitely. With your permission, UltiTutor will work in partnership with your child's classroom teacher (and your family) to ensure the progress made at UltiTutor is also reflected in class work. Classroom teachers play a key role in the outcome of your child's learning program.


What makes our tutoring so successful?

UltiTutor's custom learning experience starts with a detailed consultation and then assessment which pinpoints your child's exact academic strengths and needs, or "skill gaps." The results of the consultation and assessment test allow UltiTutor to tailor a plan specific to those skills that need strengthening.

To ensure a true understanding of the material being covered, our tutors use a highly effective teaching methods. Students are taught learning strategies that apply to all subjects and are uniquely adapted to student’s individual needs, monitor and improve work habits and keep excellent communication with student and parents.

Furthermore, in addition to testing and consultations with you child, our tutors discuss with your child the importance of all of his or her academic skills and personal attributes. They give examples of his or her strengths in different areas, and let them know about situations in our tutor's own professional life that require a variety of skills.

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