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Introduction to Training

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Introduction to Training

What can I expect?

Learning Outcomes


At the end of the training program, you will be able to:


  • Professional Ethics

    • Create a tutoring philosophy that showcases your knowledge of the roles and responsibilities of a tutoring relationship

    • Identify appropriate responses to ethical dilemmas

  •   Session Management & Leadership

    • Identify appropriate, actionable, and measurable goals for a tutoring session

    • Select effective strategies for conducting a tutoring session

  • Communication

    • Recognize communication skills necessary for establishing trust and rapport

    • Identify communication skills that will draw students into deeper inquiry

  • ​Approaches to Learning

    • Identify the levels and approaches to learning used by a student and needed for a task, assignment, or exam

    • Match tutoring strategies to individual learning needs

Time Commitment


Each badge module will contain several challenges for you to complete at your own pace. Challenges will include readings, videos, scenarios, quizzes, and reflection responses. You can complete the entire training program in one sitting or save your work to complete in several sessions. Overall, the training will take approximately 3-5 hours.


Earning Badges


To earn the "Trained in Tutor Essentials" badge on your TMS profile, you must successfully complete each badge module and the concluding Capstone Badge. To complete each badge module, you will go through various challenges which will include quizzes, readings, videos, and writing reflections. Once you have finished a badge module, you must accept the badge by clicking "My Badges" in the top right corner of your Passport window. 

What is YOUR philosophy?

Based on your current knowledge of tutoring, what is your tutoring philosophy? Write your answer on a piece of paper NOW.

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