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Tongji University
Southwest Petroleum University



  • Bachelor of Engineering with honors

  • Masters in Geotechnical Engineering




Isaac graduated with Bachelor of Engineering with honors from Southwest Petroleum University. Currently he is a master’s candidate in Tongji University, majoring in the geotechnical engineering. His academic interests and research centered mainly on application of heuristic algorithms in the geotechnical hazard reduction. A diligent and eager student of mathematics and ideas, he also completed extensive coursework in the social science classes and language requirements. Furthermore he balanced his course load with British literature and mathematical modelling as well.


While in college, he worked as a student assistant in the office of international affairs, helping foreign teachers with Chinese studying. Last summer he spent a month volunteering in Bali, Indonesia, tutoring the local children algebra. This year, Isaac has been tutoring IB math to international school students. 


Isaac is a trained and certifed private tutor.

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