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Bachelor's in Mechatronics (robotics) Engineering




Ken is UltiTutor's founder and master IB physics tutor. Ken has been tutoring since 2010 in math and mostly IB SL/HL physics and regard himself as the "King" of physics. All his student (over 100) prefer to learn the entire IB physics syllabus with him than their own school teacher.


Ken's secret as an effective tutor is to truly care about the student’s exact needs and make the sessions easy and fun. No session is without humor, real-life examples and a good laugh.


Ken conducts most of his session recently online due to excessive demand from students around the world and because of that he has built a dedicated tutoring studio exclusively for online physics tutoring to make the classes more interesting and engaging.


Tutor Ken is so confident about results that with consistent weekly tutoring, it's either a 7 or your money-back!


University of Cape Town
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