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Shang Rao teacher‘s university



Bachelor‘s degree In Chinese language and literature 




Maggie graduated from Jiang Xi provience Shang Rao teacher‘s university in July 2007. Her major is Chinese language and literature. 


In March 2008, she started to work for a mandarin school, later in the same year, she started to work for herself as a freelance Mandarin tutor, called Maggie Mandarin. Maggie has over 8 years of teaching experience and has her own Mandarin online teaching videos.


She already taught 300 students from 20 different countries, including primary, middle, university school students, housewives, lawyers, employees in foreign companies. 


Mostly, Maggie taught them Pin Yin, daily life conversions, chinese characters, school exams and hsk exams. Most students got high marks after a period of learning with Maggie. 


Maggie has her own unique teaching style and methods. She always bring the relax, fun and effective lessons to students. She is very patient with students and she has a lot passion for in her work.

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