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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? You can find answers below to the most frequently asked questions from parents and students. If you have additional questions, feel free to contact us.


Do you offer a money-back guarantee?


Yes. If you are not happy with your tutor after your first lesson, then we will be happy to provide you with a full refund and/or find you a new tutor. 


In nearly all cases, however, this policy has proven to be unnecessary: over the last decade, fewer than one percent of UltiTutor students and/or clients have requested a refund.

How does the process of choosing a tutor work?


From the moment you contact our office and filled in our Needs Assessment form, we will begin working to find you or your student the best tutor available in your area. Sometimes we will even assign you multiple tutors for different subjects (such as the Math and Physics) . You are free to try out multiple tutors for one hour at a time before deciding on any long-term packages.


We strive to pair our students with tutors who are not only experienced in the subject areas where the student needs assistance, but also have personality types that will mesh with that of the student. If you wish, you can also search through our tutor database yourself, and browse tutor profiles by subject using our awesome website. 


Our office staff is available to answer your phone calls Monday through Friday, 9AM-2PM. We also offer all of our clients a complimentary 20-minute phone consultation with our Director/CEO, Ken Wang. The purpose of this consultation is to formulate a basic idea of how much preparation your child will need for an upcoming test or how many hours they should meet with a subject tutor each week.  


If you prefer, then we can also schedule a 1-hour consultation with Ken Wang or one of our other academic consultants. This consultation will provide an in-depth look at your student's unique strengths and weaknesses. We will recommend particular tutors to you based on your needs, and tutoring schedule will also be settled upon at this time. An in-person meeting or extended phone consultation also gives our staff a much better idea of the student's personality, which is important information to have when selecting a tutor. 


UltiTutor students or clients are always welcome to contact their tutors directly to schedule future lessons. However, please do not try to pay your tutor directly -- all lessons must be prepaid through our main office (021-65755700).

How are tutors hired?


Applicants for tutoring positions with UltiTutor Tutoring are first required to fill out a detailed online application through our website. If their applications are provisionally approved, then applicants must submit additional paperwork, then schedule and "pass," a one-on-one interview with our Hiring Manager. Once the tutor has passed the interview, they will then undergo training and certification and pass subject-testing before they can tutor your child.


Even after tutors are hired, we continue to evaluate their performances on a regular basis, using our online feedback form to ensure that our clients are fully satisfied with the academic help that they are receiving.


We receive thousands of applications from educators across the country every year, so we can afford to be selective; only the finest tutors will become a part of the UltiTutor team. We only approve around 20% of tutor applications each year.


Please click here for more detailed information on our hiring practices and tutor evaluation procedures. 

Am I allowed to choose my own tutor(s)?


Yes! We always encourage clients to examine our online tutor profiles and get an idea of who they might like to work with before contacting us. Then call our office to arrange a meeting, or contact tutors directly via email using our proprietary messaging system.


If you prefer, then we would be happy to simply select a tutor for you, or help you decide among several potential tutors. 

How does billing work?


Your initial lesson with any tutor must be paid for by bank transfer, cash, alipay or wechat payment. We also offer a 25% discount off your first lesson of tutoring.  


Although you never have to pay for more than one lesson at a time, all lessons must be pre-paid through our office 2-days in advance. We accept payment by bank transfer, cash, alipay or wechat payment. However, if you prefer to pay by cash, then you must purchase a minimum of 12 hours up-front and we are happy to pick it up at your home.  


We also offer significant discounts for pre-paid packages. For every 24 hours that you pay for in advance, you will receive a significant discount of 50RMB off per hour of tutoring.

Why such a strict cancellation policy?



UltiTutor Tutoring requires 24 hours notice for any cancellations.


Tutors can have anywhere from 1 to 10 students, perhaps more. Often they have full-time jobs as well. When tutoring is scheduled they are committed to their student at that time and expect the same commitment in return. Please understand that tutors can often fill your time slot with another student, if given enough advance notice.


The first time that a student misses a lesson, he/she will be given a warning by the tutor. From that point on, any lessons missed or cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will be billed for in full. 

Are there Package Discounts available?


Yes. Ultitutor Tutoring offers an up to 25% discount for prepaid packages.   

Are materials provided?


Yes--we are happy to post materials directly to your home at your request.  All materials are billed for at their current retail price. If you purchase a pre-paid package of 48 hours or more, these materials (up to a RMB200 value) will be provided for free.  

Where does tutoring normally take place?


Nearly all of tutors are willing to travel to your home or to the public location of your choice. No one can deny the convenience of home tutoring, but sometimes tutors and students are better served by meeting in a library, or a public location such as a coffeehouse. Coffeehouse tutoring can eliminate some of the "predictable distractions" (friends, parents, siblings, telephone calls, pets) that can arise in an in-home tutoring environment, while the "unpredictable distractions" (music, soft conversation) at a coffeehouse can actually help the student learn to "tune out" outside thoughts and focus solely on the test.  

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