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Education is the best investment you can make.

Our Academic Tutoring Programs are versatile and meet the needs of students at any age. Whether they are looking for specialized support in high-level classes or more consistent help with homework and long-term assignments, our students thrive with the aid of our talented instructors. For more information about our packages and rates, please visit our FAQ page.



Still not convinced? Give us a quote from another tutoring company, and we will beat it! If you prefer, then your package hours may be combined among our different tutors. Any unused hours will be refunded.

Which plan do you prefer?

Choose a plan that will get the results you desire

Hourly Rate

RMB 600


Bulk Hours Rates


  72 Hours: RMB 21,600 (300/hr)


Comprehensive support across multiple courses in school, reversal of extremely low grades, or long-term tutoring beyond a single year of school.

72-Hour Program

48-Hour Program

Hourly Rate

RMB 600


Bulk Hours Rates


  48 Hours: RMB 16,800



Regular support in IB/AP classes or honors-level classes, consistent homework help, or the refinement of organizational skills.


24-Hour Program

Hourly Rate

RMB 600


Bulk Hours Rates


  24 Hours: RMB 9,600 (400/hr)


Targeted instruction in preparation for an exam, assistance with a short-term project or paper, or a weekly check-in to prioritize assignments.

VIP members includes:



We are committed to ensuring that UltiTutor tutoring is well worth the investment. If you are not completely satisfied with your program after the first lesson, you will be fully refunded.

Tutoring Hours

Session by Session Progress Report

All Math and Science Subjects

Past Exam Papers & Mark Schemes

Prescribed Textbooks and Resources

24hrs Tutor Support

24hrs Client Services Support

Priority Booking

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Payment methods


All packages are paid for in-full before the start of the program. After you have decided on a discount package, please choose one of the 4 payment options below. If you need help or have a question, you can contact us by clicking here or call/text 156-1886-0390. We will confirm the booking and send our tutor once we've received your payment.

Banks Transfer

The simplest way is to deposit the tuition fee to our bank account. For bank transfer from a private account, please tranfser to the account below. Bank account infomation below:


Bank name: Bank of China, Li yang lu branch (溧阳路)

Acc number: 6013820800073481390

Account holder: Wang Yu Qin (王昱沁)


Bank name: ICBC 中国工商银行上海市南市支行 (Nanshi Branch Shanghai)

Acc number: 6222 02100 11406 95377
Account holder: Cai Liyan (蔡立言) 

AliPay (支付宝)

If you have AliPay you can pay by simply scanning the QR code on the right. Please feel free to contact us for AliPay payment instructions.


If you have WeChat you can pay by simply scanning the QR code on the right. Please feel free to contact us for WeChat payment instructions.

Collect Tuition Fee

Don't have time to make the payment? Just envelop the tuition fee and we'll send our accountant to collect it at your home. Simple as that! 

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Why do you have to pay upfront?


UltiTutor takes payment in advance to protect both you and our tutor.

By committing to payment upfront, it provides some surety to our tutor that you are serious about our tutoring service. Our tutor's time slot is therefore secured and guaranteed for your child. Your funds remain with UltiTutor until you have choosen a tutor and are happy to commence with long term tutoring. You are entitled to cancel the contract before the second tutoring session, in which case you will be entitled to reimbursement of ALL fees paid to UltiTutor. Once tuition has commenced starting from the second session and you have paid a tutoring package, tuition fee can be refunded anytime after charging the consumed hours at the hourly rate. We take client satisfaction seriously. If you’re not happy after your first session, you won’t be billed, and we won’t stop working until we’ve found the right tutor for you. The course is also flexible in terms of illness and holidays, and sessions can be rescheduled for an alternative date. It's simply the risk free way to getting a tutor!

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