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Our tutors with their students

Franics Wong - SAS student

22 Nov 2019

Ken is the one that started my journey through high school with Ultitutor. I knew from the  start, that I would need extensive support for IB Physics HL. Starting off my junior year, I found physics to be the most difficult course which I have chosen to take. My grades dropped drastically in comparison to my previous years in high school. Ken has not only supported me with my academics, but has further increased my interest in learning physics. Suddenly, a course which I thought “oh damn, I made a mistake choosing this”, became “wow, I never thought this would be so interesting”. Up to this date, Ken has only increased my passion for learning physics and has always been there for me whenever I needed. I greatly appreciate the help I have gotten through the organization ‘Ultitutor’. Nonetheless, this would have never happened without Ken. Thank you.

Leo Yu

15 Dec 2017

For 3 months now, Amanda Ah Kiow has been a great tutor for my daughter who’s studying Year 11 in Dulwich college. She is very knowledgeable in Chemistry, Biology and Maths and my daughter is benefiting a great deal from the lessons. 

Right from very first lesson, Amanda has always been well prepared and responsible. Not only she provides summary after every lesson, extra assignments will be given for practice, and answers will be explained in the next lesson. 

We are extremely happy with Amanda and wish she could continue to help our daughter in 2018.

Leng - Li-Ann Bogensperger Mother

15 May 2017

The last tutor Victor was really fantastic and I believe he really helped her improve her grades. But because she is now taking other subjects for her IB compared to the IGCSE subjects, she felt she was able to cope on her own so somehow she never asked me to continue the tutoring. But Victor was super and I would have requested for him again had we continued.

Kevin He - SCIS Student

17 April 2017, Shanghai

"UltiTutor Ester's knowledge and understanding of chemistry helped me see other ways of approaching chemistry problems. She was patient and understanding of my difficulties which enable me to advance at a quick pace during our revision" - Kevin, SCIS student, April 2017

Efe Bilgin - Wellington college student

7th March 2017, Shanghai

"Ken has made physics concepts really really simple to understand. His classes are very energetic and engaging. Having Ken as a tutor has altered my way of thinking in Physics, and as a result my grades have gone up quite a lot compared to term 1 (transition into IB)".   

Sammie Huang - Student

17 Jan 2017 Shanghai, China

"Tutoring sessions with Cathy are always great because she is extremely knowledgeable with math and is always willing to help. She is very patient and is always very thorough with her explanations. I have gained invaluable knowledge from her and she is constantly encouraging me to solve questions independently while providing me tips along the way. All around, she has been of great help on my IB journey and I could not thank her more!" - Sammie Huang

Petra Herbertz - Parent

April 27th, 2015 Shanghai, China

Sieya has been my son’s SAT tutor for the past 3 weeks. He is coming to our house 3 times a week, always on time, exceptionally well prepared and full of optimism! Sieya was able to analyse my son’s strong and weak points straight away, and it is impressive to see how he is able to transfer knowledge in such an effective way. He addresses not only some lack of knowledge, but on top very crucial tactics on how to approach certain tasks, which helped a lot. It was really worth it to go for the intensive course (6 hours a week), and I am more than curious to see some improved numbers on that May SAT test paper I can only recommend Sieya to any interested customer!”

Amy Mcveigh - Parent

Shanghai, China

“Many thanks to Ken and his team at UltiTutor for outstanding support of our daughter Madi. UltiTutor provided both long and short term tutoring in maths, physics and chemistry and helped our daughter achieve outstanding results in her IGCSEs, IB and university prep coursework. I would recommend UltiTutor to anyone looking for customized, flexible and effective tutoring in Shanghai.”

Carol Tung

3 September 2014, Shanghai

"I approached UltiTutor to find a suitable tutor for my daughter to help her with IB higher level Chemistry as well as Sat subject test. Within a couple of days, Maria at ultitutor gave a list of tutors to choose from and recommended Nick as a suitable tutor. We couldn't be happier with Nick, he is punctual, come prepared, takes time to listen to the students needs and takes great effort in ensuring the session is focused and tailored to the students needs. Nick is patient and cheerful and with his assistance over the past few months, my daughter has gained more confidence in the subject matter and showed marked improvement in her end of year results. We are now having Nick also tutor Sat Math which he is also quite capable with."

Howard Gough - Parent

Shanghai, China

“I don't know what to say about Shruti from UltiTutor, my daughter's current math tutor-- because she is so wonderful!! After she had taken over Natasha's math tutoring, Natasha has got 3 straight "A"s in her tests, including the final! Shruti has brought my family more than just happiness!  I will definately continue to use UltiTutor for my son Hugo's Biology tutoring next school year! A big thank you from Suzanne and I - very proud parents!” 

Student Mortiz Burkle - Dulwich

Shanghai, China

"Alex is a good tutor. Unlike my previous tutors who only stick to THEIR teaching ways and plan, Alex understands MY situation and concerns, and conducts his lecture accordingly, guides me to break down my specific difficulties and improve my grades. He doesn't really like to talk, but is responsible, dedicated and effective in his work!”

Sophia Hill - Dulwich student

May 2013, Shanghai

"My IB SL subjects were in desperate need of help and support. Through a good friend I got hold of Physics Tutor Ken and I had my first physics lesson with him. Right off the bat it was the most efficient, organized and helpful lesson of concentrated physics I had ever had (no offense to my teachers). It was obvious that he not only cared about my learning but was passionate about physics himself."

Student Roseanne Chao - Shanghai American School

Shanghai, China

"Lotte was really helpful! Although the classes were short, she made sure I understood everything taught, and we never wasted time in class. She works hard even as a teacher and her teaching was really interesting as well!"

Satu Nikkilä

Shanghai, China. May 2014

“Eric from UltiTutor has been tutoring our son for one academic year (2013-14) preparing him to achieve his best results in IB chemistry and mathematics.


Eric has taught chemistry and mathematics in a very professional way. He has the ability to explain concepts and theories in a very logical and systematic way.


He has encouraged our son to become more confident and clear about subjects mentioned above. He has pushed our son to his optimum and was able to keep the atmosphere of the lessons positive and enjoyable.

We highly recommend Eric for people who want to prove their understanding of chemistry and mathematics in every level."

Liz Ziegenbein

Shanghai, China

“Mamta is a professional and effective teacher. She has helped my son a lot in his Biology school study! I would love to refer Mamta and UltiTutor to my friends who also needs tutoring service!” 

Kai Khong - Shanghai Community International School

Shanghai, China

“Both my Biology tutor Lotte and Math tutor Shruti are very effective. Their teaching style is unique, and is different from my school teachers; They have really made me understood the class materials with their own way, and even made me start to like the subjects. They have been pretty benefitial to my school study!”

Joyce Gottebetter

Shanghai, China

“I was thinking to bring this up later, but I just want to say -Enrique is such a good tutor! He has done an amazing job tutoring my daughter math. He knows what he is doing, he has a thoughtful and fullfilling class plan, and he conducts the tuition very effective! My daughter Meredith says Enrique is the best tutor she has ever had! I hope more students can be benefited from such a tutor as Enrique!”

Student Lan Tao - British International School

Shanghai, China

“An enjoyable experience with Ken, a very knowledgeable and caring tutor who aims to help students reach their full potential. By far, one of the best physics tutors in Shanghai.”

Yoav Oren - Adult Student

Shanghai, China

“For the past 3 months, I have enjoyed the private instruction of Bella Li. Throughout our time together, I was deeply impressed with Bella’s professionalism, her pre-class preparation and her ability to explain the material in ways that were specifically fit to my needs and way of understanding.”

Jonathan Jacobs - Shanghai International School IB Higher level Mathematics Teacher

Shanghai, China

“I have known Ken for the past 18 months, I have enjoyed witnessing the private instruction he gives to his students and his tutors. Throughout the time I was deeply impressed with Ken's professionalism, his pre-class preparation and his ability to explain the material in ways that were specifically fit to the needs of his students, furthermore the ease at which he did so. He truly understands the use of Scaffolding  and formative assessment as way of promoting understanding in his one-to-one teaching strategies. Simply put; time with Ken is a must for any student hoping to achieve greater success.” 

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