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Shanghai Institute of Science



PhD in Biomedical Engineering




Victor holds a PhD in Biomedical Enginering from the Shanghai Institute of Science. Victor has been tutoring at UltiTutor for many years and has successfully taught a great deal of students from international schools in Shanghai, especially Dulwich College.


Victor is our master math tutor and specializes in IGCSE and IB math SL and HL. He can also tutor physics and helps students with math and physics IAs. He is the only tutor that recevies 100% satisfactory feedback for every tutoring assignment and speaks fluent English.


Presently, Victor is also tutoring IB SL math to a student from Dulwich.


To date he has taught a record 230 math classes in IGCSE and IB, amounting to nearly 400 tutoring hours of teaching experience which makes Victor our master trained and certified tutor. No other math tutor is as experienced in Shanghai as our tutor Victor.


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