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Why we are different

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ALL our tutors are university-certified, highly trained and subject-tested and has an up-to-date knowledge of the IB/AP curriculum. What does that mean? They're highly professional and masters of their subjects and know where students make mistakes. We are not obsessed with the marketing jagon "Native speaker" or "English speaking tutor". UltiTutor works, and we've got data to prove it. (Private tutors can't say that!) 

Math tutors in Shanghai, tutors in shanghai, Shanghai IB math tutors


Unlike agencies and tutoring centres that spends millions on advertising and expensive facilities, we put our marketing budget to work by training and certifying our tutors and by offering you far better rates and services than they do. In addition, our tutors set their own rate based on their tutoring skills and ability. You pay for what you get. Gone are the days where you pay high tuition fee to the middle-man.

Math tutors in Shanghai, tutors in shanghai, shanghai math tutors


Research has shown students will be motivated to learn, and learn more, when they like the teacher. This means a teacher must be able to evoke positive feelings about the teacher and the subject. All our tutors are fun and has engaging personality. We truly bring back the fun in learning. 

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No marketing gimmicks or exaggerated score improvement claims, just great tutors and 100% transparency. We are on hand 7 days a week to deal with any inquiries that you may have and are regularly in contact with you and the tutor to ensure that all your requirements are being met. If you're not satisfied, we will cheerily make it right or offer a 100% refund. Learn more.

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