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Tutor Training


Welcome to the UltiTutor Learning Zone. Our primary mission in Learning Zone is to support all our students within their academic studies. Tutors will assist students with improving specific course concepts as well as broader academic skills pertaining to studying and time management. This on-line training will increase your skill base, which will benefit the students requesting tutoring at UltiTutor. UltiTutor is a team engaged in a living and learning experience, and your willingness to be a peer tutor is a strong part of our team.


Please read all Modules then complete the Tutor Training Assessment and the Tutor Training Evaluation

Module 3: Techniques that Work
Module 4: Listening Skills
Module 5: Study Skills
Module 6: Learning Styles
Module 7: Learning Disabilities
Module 8: Cultural Differences
Module 9: Group Tutoring
Tutor Training Evaluation
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