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Capstone Badge for Tutor Essentials


This Capstone Badge is the final step in completing the Tutor Essentials Training. Review, reflect, and earn your "Trained in Tutor Essentials" badge! 



Throughout training, you've covered a lot of material and been updating drafts of your personal tutoring philosophy along the way. Here's a quick review of each of the badge modules and their content: 


The first badge module on Professional Ethics introduced you to the rights and responsibilities you (and your tutees) have while providing (or receiving) academic support. You watched a video on tutoring do's and do not's then applied all of your ethics knowledge to a few case studies. 


In  the second badge module, you learned about Session Management and Leadership. Leading a session requires structure and feedback. For structure, you learned about setting and reviewing goals with the SMART-ER goals approach. When it comes to providing feedback, you read about the encouraging and indirect ways great tutors guide and motivate their tutees. 


The third badge module on Communication focused on the verbal and non-verbal ways you and your tutees interact and share messages. As the tutor, you shouldn't do most of the talking during the session. Instead, you should be asking questions, guiding the tutee to the answer, and having them reflect and explain. To help with asking questions, you practiced giving your tutee wait time so they can reflect and respond. You also learned about body language so you can be aware of your non-verbals as well as your tutee's.​ 


And in the fourth badge module, you learned about Approaches to Learning.  We are each unique learners, but there are ways we can maximize our learning. By helping your tutees approach learning in ways that are active and deep, you can faciliate a strong learning environment and experience. 


To complete your training and a get your Capstone badge please click the "start test" button to start the test. The test will take 60 minutes to complete. Please ensure that you have studied the training materials completely before attempting this test which requires a 100% score to pass. 

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